Platform for Nigerian and Ghanaian Suppliers, Contractors & artisans presented in New York

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A platform designed to connect Nigerian & Ghanaian building and home improvement contractors, architect and artisans to foreign immigrants, has been officially launched in the United States headquartered in New York.

The platform,, is the medium thus created to serve this purpose. AfroConstruct is an online marketplace where African immigrants with building projects in their respective countries can shop for building materials directly from reliable manufacturers and local suppliers and connects them with trusted and professional artisans to work on their projects.

In his statement, the Co-Founder of Afroconstruct, Musemiu Adeola, said “the best bet for aspiring home builders is to recruit and outsource their home project to specialists in their respective field. Dealings should be contracted with those who are most qualified enough to help you oversee and complete your home construction. Getting family involved might not be a good idea to get the best results.”

The Co-Founders of AfroConstruct expressed the belief that the platform would put a stop to many rip-off stories they’ve heard within the African immigrant community. Thus, eliminating the middleman such as family, friends and many more that had taken monies for projects that were never started or abandoned in the process is their biggest priority.

Saikou Ceesay, the Chief Marketing Officer of Afroconstruct and Co-Founder, in his remark, announced the launch of AfroConstruct at a small forum seminar which included Nigerian and Ghanaian immigrants in the Bronx. The audience embraced and expressed their happiness at the introduction of the marketplace and praised the team for the new and innovative platform which would give them fulfilment in building their dream home.

AfroConstruct seeks to address these issues in a professional manner hinged on integrity and transparency. Musemiu Adeola remarks, “We have focused on customers who requested for multiple needs on Afroconstruct in an effort to improve their experience of buying building materials and finding contractors, architects and artisans to help build and install the materials.”

Thus, the Co-Founders enumerated the benefits of the advance platform which includes the connection of both suppliers and masons with African immigrants around the world, creation of more job opportunities in Africa, and amongst others, reducing heart cringing rip-off stories. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our most reliable handpicked suppliers, contractors and artisans for partnering with us. We look forward to extending our platform with you for years to come and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service to customers.



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