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    Sold By: Dalion Royal

    These are panels made of gypsum, with or without additives, mainly extruded between thick sheet of facer and backer paper, used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings.

    Plasterboards comes in various sizes
    Thickness. 9mm and 12 mm ( recommended )

    Length 2.1m , 2.4m , 2.7m, 3m and more.

    Width 0.6m , 1.2m e.t.c

    The 12 mm is mainly used for partition, Drylining, cladding and interior wall. And the 9mm is also used for ceilings ( all kinds of designs ).

    Available in regular, moisture resistant type and fire resistant.

    Fire resistance
    Water proof
    Ease of installation
    Sound isolation

    Sold By: Dalion Royal


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