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Many homes and buildings throughout the world are located in marine, or close to marine environment. It’s natural to assume that the steel tile roofing might rust by the sea atmospheric nature because most of us are not aware that zincalume; based roofing materials have up to eight times the corrosion resistance of alternative steel roofing products.

As we have already noted, all Gerard Roofs are pressed from zincalume’ steel and then coated with a satin or textured finish, which give total confidence when we offer coastal dwellers up to a 50-year pro rata weatherproof warranty.

It comes in different pattern and colors as seen above. And to complete a given project, others accessories are always involve depending on the roof designs. accessories like Ridge cap, Side cap, wall flash, anti rust nails, Roof Sealants, installation cost :(8% of total cost of material) all these will affect the cost.

Prices are stated in square meters (sqm) /2pcs

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