Plumbing: PPRPLUS &PPH pipes


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Plumbing: PPRPLUS &PPH pipes
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Our PPH Threaded pipes and fitting are manufactured with high molecular weight polypropylene homopolymer or PPH. This material was specially selected due to its high resistance to high pressures and temperatures. Our amazing threaded pipes is from Argentina and consists of not one,or even two layers, but four superior layers of pipe, designed to ensure simple installation and a long life of trouble free service.

While the PPR PLUS uses the Fusion technology, this is the best suited material to join by molecular fusion. Structural integrity is maintained by using only virgin polypropylene instead of recycled. Both the PPR plus and PPH threaded pipes shares same advantages:Impact resistant, increased elasticity and flexibility, light weight..

Overall, the main benefit of our PPR Plus System is that, installed correctly, it is impossible for it to leak!!

its however important to mention here, that the mechanical drawings on a given project will determine the quantities of pipes and accessories needed per time on the project, we always request for the drawings to quantify the items and the cost

they comes in various sizes and accessories 25mm,32mm,40mm,50mm and 63mm. In 4m length per piece

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