Vendor/Supplier FAQs

1. How do I register as a vendor?

Go on the homepage and click the “Sign Up” at the header right side of the menu drop down or at the bottom of the footer.  You can also click here.

2. How do I add my products on my vendor account?

To add products;

  • A. Click on “My Account” at the top menu bar
  • B. Select “Account Details” from the drop menu
  • C. And click on the last tab that says “Vendor Products”

3. How many products can I list on the AfroConstruct marketplace?

You can list as many building and home remodeling products that your company deals in.

4. What is the commission rate?

The commission rate is 4.99% per successful order placed.

5.  How do I process a customer’s return?

AfroConstruct has a set of standard return and damage policies to create good relationship with our customers whilst been fair to our vendors.

  • Sellers will receive email notifications on new return requests and updates on current returns.
  • Sellers are able to communicate directly with customers regarding their returns.
  • Sellers can accept, reject or refund.

Please note; sellers must honor all return and refund requests that are initiated by a customer within the agreed upon time frame (usually 14 calendar days). Please read more here.

6. What is your marketplace storefront?

It showcases your complete product offering to potential buyers. Shoppers can view your products by Category, Feature Products, Best Sellers, Recently Added Products, Product Collections, and Product Reviews. Each individual product page will link back to your Marketplace Storefront, driving traffic to your store.

7. What is the step-by-step guide to process customer return & refund?

  • Once an order has been shipped and received by the customer, the customer has the option to request a return within 14 days.
  • Afroconstruct notifies you of a return by email notification per customer request.
  • You are required to respond to all buyer messages, including return requests, within 24 hours. A response can be a simple acknowledgement that you are processing the return and will follow-up with next steps.
  • You can process the return by sending the buyer a return address. Once you receive the return, inspect and approve the return.
  • To issue a refund to the buyer, please follow the guide on your seller dashboard or reach out to our support team.

8. How do I know when a customer places an order?

Sellers can view their orders on their seller dashboard by clicking on the “Orders” link in dashboard menu and seller will also be notified via email whenever an order is placed.

9. How do I handle shipping and delivery? 

Sellers are solely responsible for sourcing, fulfilling and shipping products to customers.

  • Seller must ensure products are packaged for safe transit and that goods arrive in excellent condition to the buyer’s designated destination.
  • Seller must provide accurate shipping estimates on a per-product basis, if applicable.
  • Seller must print and include the AfroConstruct invoice or packing slip in each product shipment.
  • Seller must update via their seller dashboard tracking status on the order of shipment as it move from seller shipment zone to final destination.

10. Does AfroConstruct conduct and audit my products?

Yes, AfroConstruct will review all products based on high-quality images, including a primary image of the product on a white background. Additional images are preferable (you are able to add up to 5 images per product listing), informative product titles and descriptions, accuracy and authenticity of all data.

11. How do I list my products into the proper categories?

AfroConstruct has two main categories for Nigeria and Ghana.

All Nigeria suppliers should list their product under the category titled NIGERIA/proper field your product belongs to.

All Ghanaian suppliers should list their product under the category titled GHANA/proper field your product belongs to.

12. How do I contact AfroConstruct customer support? 

We provide excellent support for its valuable vendors. Please email our Customer Service Department at if your questions aren’t addressed on this page or for any other inquiries. You can also call us toll free from anywhere in North America at 1-800-416-1854 [9am-5pm EST].

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